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I have two different deviantart accounts I submit art on.
Left is for commissions, fan art, and right is for my OC's.
Edit: Will submit a journal soon on how to prevent chargebacks from happening and the necessary steps to ensure trust between artist and commissioner. Also edited this journal to be more to the point.

For the following, I'm in no way, shape or form providing these names to have others harass or act maliciously towards these individuals. This is to expose them and to alert everyone to stay away from them. I don't want to have this affect another person. To inevitably become helpless, not knowing what to do, and ends up being taken advantage of nonetheless.

I was commissioned in January, on GaiaOnline, by the username Nyanperonya or :iconnyanperonya:
Was requested to draw 2 of their characters. We made an agreement and the payment was transferred to my paypal from their own on January 27th. I would usually deposit the funds to my bank and work on the request. I have sent 2 wips (work in progress) to them, a rough sketch and a wip that was 75% completed. Without a noticeable watermark to my omission.

Logged into my paypal last week on March 18th to find a negative balance of -$28.62. Checked my transaction history and found that Nyanperonya, or her paypal displayed name "Susie Yi", had an unauthorized transaction and chargeback claim against me. I immediately messaged the user asking why was there a claim unannounced to me. This was the explanation I was given, by this user's supposed brother named "Ryan Yi": here
He described to me that this person who had initially commissioned me had taken their parent's credit card information, made a paypal account, and had initiated making online purchases, without the parent's consent. I'm disregarding the fact that their paypal got "hacked" because that sounds like utter bulls*** to me and so does the rest of his story. He offered to pay for this negative balance and left an email to contact him. I did, and nothing but tardiness and nothing was resolved. He completely stopped replying to my emails on March 23rd. I emailed him a few times after that and still no word back

Paypal notified me via email that I had 10 days to respond to this claim. I went for a dispute and provided all the proof I could give. Screenshots of contact with the user, transaction history made in January, messages between me and the brother, emails, the art request this user was hosting that I had originally met them in, the wips. The chargeback claim was processed and completed on March 26th. I was fined $43.62, including a fee of $15.00. (for paypal keeping the case open and for "doing their job") I called paypal about this and they told me that I didn't have sufficient proof to reverse the chargeback. I needed proof of shipment, which meant that I had to ship tangible goods, ship the commission itself. The screenshots were not acceptable. They explained that the mother of this user did not like what they had done and commenced a refund through their credit card company and that I was held liable. I had about 120 days to pay for this or they will induce poor credit onto me.

So in the end, I got ripped off, scammed, whatever you want to call it. I never got paid for the art I was doing for them. I wasted my time and effort into this, regrettably. I never got an apology directly from this user.They managed to involve more people into this too who were also commissioned and bought adopts from. Though I heard some others had their issue resolved. Funny the remaining were left to pay for everything. :roll:
This will be a hard learned lesson for me because of this user's irrational decisions. I'm going to take extra precautions towards commissions and dealing with people over the internet and take caution in where I'm receiving payment from. I can not fully trust anyone who may come in contact with me for a commission, but I am willing to extensively discuss business. I would appreciate it if future clients be compliable and understanding of this.  

Thank you for reading. I hope this may help someone along the way who is suffering the same encounter. Or help someone to understand that these predicaments do happen, in fact more than often. This may discourage a lot of artists from furthering their services, but don't be daunted by this.
In my favour, please be aware of these people who may have different intentions of being deceitful, fraudulent, scammers, and ripping off earnest people. They have made handling honest business online a lot more difficult. Try to avoid them and most importantly be wise and be vigilant.

People who have been affected by this:

Please help spread the word!
chargeback warning--case closed, no $$ for me.
idk anymore & i honestly don't care anymore about this issue.
money is replaceable, i don't care about the money.
everyone else gets pity and i get people whining to me about their problems ok
>> you will not be penalized for having the case open for the maximum 30 day period right now i think the best thing to do is to wait for nyan to come back and hopefully solve this whole mess. if you try and close the case you will end up with a chargeback fee that can go up to $20. i'm not exactly clear on this but it seems that even if you can't win the case, you'll be charged this fee too u___u
>> but that does not mean you should not attempt to dispute this issue! i'm not sure how long you have to make your first reply to this dispute but if you leave it for too long paypal won't be able to attempt to investigate your case and they can't try to dispute it with the credit card company. you also need to
A Warning to DA and GaiaOnline Artists alike.:iconbookplz:
Just wanting to bounce this around and spread the word.
Apparently, there has been a user by the name of Nyanperonya who would RL commission people via Paypal. But those artists that she commissioned are getting chargebacks; meaning the money is being taken out of the artists' Paypal accounts and being held.
One journal says that the story is she stole her parents' credit card info and making un-consented purchases. Whether that is true or not I don't know.
Here is the journal with that story & another warning to Artists & Commissioners alike.

Here are a couple other journals regarding this.

Now please note this journal is NOT a 'lets-go-flame-this-user' ordeal;
This is simply a warning for people; Especially in regards to commissions.
It seems that not everyone who was commissioned has been affected by this chargeback, so that's a plus.
But none the less, do be mindful when dealing with Paypal & online commissioning.
THE CHARGE BACK HIT ME TOO FFF-So lately I've been seeing journals regarding charge back claims. No one had at that time mentioned the person's user name and just left the re funder's email to see if anyone else knew who it was demanding. But today I saw another charge back journal by kthelimit, I immediately recognised the user name being called out - who is revealed to be Nyanperonya. I wasn't sure  if I had been affected so I checked my email and behold I received the charge back. It's currently being held by Paypal so I'll give it a few days to see their response. Reclaiming the money may be a negative since paypal doesn't accept screen-shots as proof of purchase, though I will give it a try. 
It's a shame that so many deviants and gaia members have been affected by this child's actions and I hope she is being reprimanded by her parents if her circumstances are true regarding the credit card. Seriously art is not something&

WARNING : beware of this user * UPDATE:new: btw yes i received the payment as 'friends/family' so no if you were paid this way you are not safe from the chargeback ! i normally ask commissioners to use business payment but there are times like this when they send it as friends/family instead.
i'm going to go research some more and collect screenshots of paypal convos from those that have been speaking to me about their attempts to stop the chargebacks once i'm feeling up to it ;; sorry @_@
:new:  HELP FROM Jayomayo AGAIN ! -- if you are facing the chargeback but not payed it yet, please read !
* LIABILITY = $10 fee. i'm not sure how much the others cost yet. it seems like they range? I'LL CHECK UP MORE ON THIS WHEN I HAVE TIME AHHhh;; sorry !
" Ahh! akkiichiii! ;u;/
I realized that if you get your chargeback and then just select the "accept Liability" option, you can just refund the money instead.  I don't think we can even win with a case when we're not under the seller protection. When you go through it th
Charge-back problemOh I received mail from paypal company. that mail is about charge-back.
well.. I and my friend finished commission for :iconnyanperonya: and sent adoptable she bought.
but that mail says
"The sender says he or she doesn't recognize this payment. The credit card
company needs additional information from you about this transaction."
What..? lol oh everyone can see commissions and adoptable for her in my gallery and :iconTeirads:'s gallery.

oh She will become my blacklist...!!! I'm so disappointed her. 
If you're not cheater, please response to us(me and :iconteirads:). and you should cancel charge-back.
but I know other user also have charge-back problem with her.... :)..... 
I'm so angry about it.
CHARGEBACK ISSUE / BEWAREI was avoiding the fact of doing this but since a lot of people are on the same boat, I shall aware all the peeps who watch me as well
So there's been this artist called Nyanperonya :iconnyanperonya:
who has been adopting and buying commissions from a biiiiiiiiig group of peeps
But guess what?
Everyone is getting a chargeback without mere explanation given!
However, I took my time to ask them and this is what I got
Unfortunately, and I am sincerely sorry, but the one who you are trying to contact, my sister, regarding payment issues, is not allowed upon the Internet at this moment. Typing this is her older brother, and I’ve been granted permission to monitor what she’s been doing on the computer. I’m not sure myself about what she did, but she made a huge mistake. She had taken information from our parent’s debit card, and had purchased a few things from the Internet. Of course, she had kept the card information on her PayPal account and that account was

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I hope this makes you feel better, regarding the chargeback issue.
I'm just doing this to all the people who got affected.
They should smile today, too. ♥
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